Photo by Sheheryar Ahsan, (c) The Field Museum

Photo by Sheheryar Ahsan, (c) The Field Museum


Current Activities

  • Chief Curiosity Correspondent, Field Museum of Natural History. Chicago, Illinois. July 2013 - present.

Employment History

  • EcoGeek: November, 2012 - July, 2013. Co-creator, host, writer for ‘The Brain Scoop’

  • Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum at the University of Montana (UMZM), Curatorial Assistant, volunteer. January 2012 - July 2013

  • UMZM Intern, Volunteer November 2010 - January 2012


  • College: University of Montana, Missoula, Montana. BFA, June 2011.

  • High School: Central, Rapid City, South Dakota. June 2007.

Awards and Honors



  • April 7 - Mental Floss10 women who changed the world.

  • May - The Webby Awards: Official Nominee: Best Web Personality/Host

  • May - The Webby Awards: Official Honoree: Online Film/Video - Science/Education (Channel)


  • May - The Webby Awards: Official Nominee: Best Web Personality/Host



Invited Seminars
(Primary, Keynote, Distinguished)


  • February 18th: Wild Things Conference, Chicugly: Redefining Natural Beauty. Keynote speaker, co-presented with Robb Telfer. Chicago, IL.

  • March 10th: Granger Leadership Academy, keynote speaker. St. Louis, MO.

  • March 25: Expanding Your Horizons, one-day STEM symposium for middle school girls, keynote speaker, University of Chicago, IL.

  • April 22nd: March for Science - Chicago - rally keynote speaker; 60,000+ attendees.

  • June 12th: Chicago Collections Consortium, keynote speaker, annual members meeting.

  • June 20th: Society for the Preservation of Natural History Museums (SPNHC) Annual Meeting, plenary speaker. Denver, CO.

  • October 12th: Women’s Energy Network, emPOWERment Luncheon, Chicago IL, keynote.


  • January 15th: Fermilab Lecture Series, “The Brain Scoop: Communicating Science with Museums and YouTube,” Chicago, IL.

  • March 8: Annual Women in Science Conference, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, SD.

  • April 29:  Montana Natural History Center, “Evening with a Naturalist,” Missoula, MT.

  • August 6th, ComSciCon (Communications Science Conference), hosted by Northwestern University. Keynote speaker. Chicago, IL.

  • August 11th, International Federation of Library Associations conference, keynote speaker. Chicago, Illinois.

  • October 27th, NETT Day at Northeastern Illinois University, keynote speaker. Chicago, Illinois.


  • March 24: Community and Alumni Lecture Series evening lecture,"What Good Is a Dead Bird?," University of Montana, Missoula

  • April 20: Smith College evening lecture, "The Brain Scoop: Communicating Science through Museums and YouTube," Northampton, Massachusetts

  • October 9: YouTube Creator Day, "Building a Community on YouTube," keynote speaker, Chicago, IL


  • March 26: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California. "Communicating science through museums and YouTube."

  • April 11: Montana State University, "From art to science - a new perspective on communication." Bozeman, Montana.

  • May 15: Johns Hopkins University,"Emily Graslie: Chief Curiosity Correspondent at The Field Museum in Chicago." Presented to the 1st Annual JHU Postdoctoral Fellow Retreat. Baltimore, Maryland.

  • September 29: DePaul University, The Jeanne LaDuke Women in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Annual Lecture Series. "The Value of Communicating Scientific Research with the Public." Chicago, Illinois.


  • October 13: 7th Annual Math/Science Conference sponsored by the American Association of University Women - Moraine Valley Community College, Illinois - Keynote speaker

Invited Institutional/Departmental Lectures


  • January 30: ‘myCHOICE,’ Presentation about science communication to PhD/post-doctoral students University of Chicago.

  • April 6: The Scoop on Brain Scoop: Broadening Natural History Museum outreach in the Social Media Age, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA.

  • October 13th: Science & Education Interchange Series, ‘The Brain Scoop: Present and Future,” presentation to faculty at The Field Museum, Chicago IL.

  • November 14th: “Arts & Ideas” lecture series, Aurora University, Chicago IL.



  • October 17th & 18th: “The Brain Scoop at The Field Museum,” for ‘Curiosity in the City: Monsters, Marvels and Museums,’ philosophy course instructed by Stephen T. Asma, Columbia College, Chicago.


  • March 11: "Women in Science and the Media." University Women in Science and Math. Loyola University, Chicago.

  • March 23: "The Importance of Science Role Models in the Media," Feminist Theory (WSGS 363) Women's and Gender Studies Program course, University of Montana, Missoula

  • October 6 and 7: "The Brain Scoop at The Field Museum," for 'Curiosity in the City: Monsters, Marvels, and Museums,' freshman philosophy course instructed by Stephen T. Asma, Columbia College, Chicago


  • May 5:  Women in Science Monthly Seminar. "The Importance of Science Role Models in the Media." The Field Museum, Chicago.

  • June 30: Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. "The Value of Communicating Scientific Research with the Public."

  • September 11 + 12: Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 2 talks: "The Importance of Science Role Models in the Media," and "The Brain Scoop: Communicating Science through Museums and YouTube."

  • November 11: University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. "The Value of Curiosity."

  • December 12: TEDx Sacramento, California. "The Value of Curiosity."

Conferences and symposia, presentations and panels


  • February 25th: Times Have Changed: 2007 - 2017. Moderator, Nerdcon- Nerdfighteria. Boston, MA.

  • February 26th: Learning Online: How-To EDU. Panelist, Nerdcon- Nerdfighteria. Boston, MA.

  • February 26th: We’re All In This Together: Community Online. Panelist, Nerdcon- Nerdfighteria. Boston, MA.

  • April 26th: Word of Mouth Marketing Conference: “Spreading the ‘Good’ Word: Word of Mouth Marketing for Social Good,” panelist - New York, NY.

  • October 11th: 3rd Annual Women in Science Mixer, panel moderator, hosted by the Field Museum Women in Science, Chicago, IL.

  • October 27th: International Council on Museums - Natural History Annual Meeting. Panelist - ‘Engaging the Public in Conservation.” Pittsburgh, PA.


  • January 28th: Women in Science Symposia, California Academy of Sciences. Panel.

  • May 26th: “Crowdsourced: A Look at Museum Fundraising in the Digital Age,” panelist, American Alliance of Museums annual conference. Washington, D.C.

  • June 23rd: ‘The Importance of Role-Models on YouTube,’ panel, VidCon, Anaheim California.

  • June 24th: “Creating Within a Company,” panel - VidCon, Anaheim California.

  • June 25th: “Women on YouTube,” moderator. VidCon, Anaheim, California.

  • June 29th: “National Young Leadership Forum,” panelist, Loyola University in Chicago, IL.

  • August 6th: “Multimedia in Science Communication,” panelist, ComSciCon (Communications Science Conference), hosted by Northwestern University, Chicago, IL.

  • October 6th: “2nd Annual Women in Science Mixer,” moderator, hosted by the Field Museum Women in Science, Chicago.

  • October 18th: “The Art of Relevance: A Chicago Conversation with Nina Simon,” panelist, Navy Pier, Chicago.


  • January 31st: "Women In Geekdom: How to Reach Out to the Nerds in Your Community," American Library Association. McCormick place, Chicago

  • March 14: "The Importance of Science Role Models in the Media," Kenosha Public Museum, Wisconsin

  • April 24: "The Brain Scoop" panel discussion, Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), McCormick Place, Chicago

  • May 28: "The Importance of Science Role Models in the Media," Madrid, Spain, Ciencia en Redes (Science in Networks) Communications Conference, Madrid, Spain

  • June 26: "Digitizing Dinosaurs, Downloading Whales and Streaming Science," panel participant at TechWeek, Chicago

  • July 23: "Dealing with Criticism" panel, VidCon, Anaheim, California

  • July 23: "Making the Internet Smarter" panel, VidCon, Anaheim, California

  • July 24: "The Brain Scoop Q&A," solo, VidCon, Anaheim, California


  • February 26: Science Online - Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • June 25: VidCon - Anaheim, California. Q&A with The Brain Scoop team

  • June 25: Vidcon - Anaheim, California. Entertainment + Education! Is it possible?

  • June 26: VidCon - Anaheim, California. Fighting Sexism on YouTube

  • June 27: VidCon - Anaheim, California. Women on YouTube

  • September 26: Online News Association - Chicago, Illinois. Presented "The Brain Scoop: creating audience-grabbing short videos with The Field Museum's Chief Curiosity Correspondent"

  • December 3: Chicago's Council on Science and Technology: Women in STEM Connect event. Led a panel discussion with STEM leaders and facilitated a 2.5-hour long networking event. Ballroom of the School of Art at the Art Institute.


  • August 8 - 4: VidCon - Anaheim, California. YouTube EDU panel, The Brain Scoop Q&A.

  • August 28: I f***ing love Science at the American Museum of Natural History, New York NY - Panel participant  

Workshops, synthesis meetings, etc.


  • April 13th: iDigBio Webinar: Online Film/Video presentation

  • December 13th - 15th: “FutureProofing Natural History Museums: Creating Sustainable Models for Research Resources,” hosted by the Ecological Society of America,  the American Alliance of Museum’s Future of Museums, and the Yale Peabody Museum. Yale University, New Haven, CT Discussion group leader, participant.


  • July 25: “Women on YouTube: A Discussion,” VidCon, Anaheim, CA. Discussion group leader.

  • September 1-2: "Collections Communications Workshop," Biodiversity Collections Network, Field Museum


  • September 21 - 24: Evolving Culture of Science Engagement at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA - Panelist/Presenter

Select Television/Radio and Podcast/Internet Appearances and Interviews:  


  • February 2: The Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum, Season 11 Ep. 31. “Clever Hans, Bertha Benz and Civil War Counterfeiter.” Segment host.

  • February 23: The Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum, Season 11 Ep. 38. “Operating Mincemeat, Texas Prison Rodeo and Tully Monster.” Segment host.

  • Oct. 31st: Interview on Rising Stars with Neil deGrasse Tyson

  • Nov. 5th: A Chameleon Crushing Crickets in Slow Motion -- Smarter Every Day





Magazine features:






Science Education/Outreach - In-Museum

Education: in the Museum


  • January 26: Project Hyena Diorama opening reception, speaker

  • May 5th: Presentation to ‘Field Ambassadors,’ professional development for K-12 educators.

  • May 19 and 20: Member’s Nights participant


  • May 14 and 15: Members' Nights participant: Field Museum Women in Science table, and a table for The Brain Scoop

  • May 21: Earth Force Summit - Action Center, Field Museum. Presenter.

  • June 16: Presentation to conservation/collections staff of the Art Institute, Field Museum

  • August 4: Presentation to Global Girl Media, a digital media training program for high school girls

  • September 3: Presentation to "Discover Chicago" class from DePaul University

  • October 27: Collaboratively led a discussion group with Field Museum CEO Richard Lariviere for the University of Chicago "Anthropology of Museums" graduate course, taught by Professor Morrie Fred

  • November 3: Presentation to Museum Studies class from Cornell College, instructor Ellen Hoobler

  • November 4: Presentation to students from the Solario Academy,  Women’s Board + FMWIS + Learning Center co-sponsored event


  • March 6 and 7: Member’s Nights participant

  • September 9 - Kenya Bats Meet-upHosted exhibition opening/discussion with Bruce Patterson event for fans of The Brain Scoop.  

  • September 24: Question Club - hosted pub trivia for Kasey Mennie's public 21+ event.

  • November 11 - Donor Night - mammal preparation table

Education: Outside of the Museum


  • April 15, 22, 29; May 6, September 9, October 7, November 11, December 9- Evolution at Revolution (Brewery) - hosted the evening event. 

Professional Societies:

American Alliance of Museums since 2013

Grants and Funding

Campaign lead for “Project Hyena Diorama,” Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to generate support for building a full-scale habitat diorama. $155,000.

Our "Harvard Adventures" Series was used as the broader impact fulfillment for Grants EAR-1524938 and EAR-1524523, the "Functional evolution of the mammalian backbone: insights from the forerunners of mammals," 2015. 

Science Education/Outreach (videos)

The Brain Scoop: Host, writer, producer, director.


Natural News from The Field Museum: Host, writer, producer, set design.

The Brain Scoop: Host, writer, producer, director.




Other notable YouTube appearances: