Got a query?

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Is Emily available to come talk at my school / event / Girl Scout troop / etc?

Maybe! Please contact us using this form with the details of your event or program, including available compensation.

Can Emily Skype with our class?

Another maybe! Please contact us with the details. In the meantime, definitely check out Skype A Scientist, a terrific program that has matched thousands of scientists with classrooms and curious learners all around the world.

Will Emily answer my questions for a school assignment?

Sorry, but due to the number of incoming requests, Emily is unable to help out with individual class assignments at this time.


Can I interview Emily for my podcast / magazine / YouTube channel / etc?

The Field Museum handles Emily’s press and media inquires. To ask about availability, head on over to the Field Museum’s Contact Page. Speaker requests can be submitted through this form.

I want Emily’s job!! Will she give me advice on how to get a career in museums / science communication / YouTube?

While Emily’s work and story is pretty unique, there are plenty of guides, articles, and resources for how to get into these fields. Start with these!

How Emily got to be where she is today:

YouTube/Science Communication:


Okay, but I have a specific question or would like personal feedback / input. Can I schedule time to chat or meet with Emily?

Giving meaningful feedback requires putting in meaningful work and research. Emily is excited about collaborating with other curious individuals and is available for hire as a consultant on topics such as growing and developing new digital media projects for museums, innovating on audience development strategies for existing social and digital media, and more! Please feel free to reach out with more information about your project.

I found a weird bug / dead animal / cool bird / strange object. Can Emily tell me what it is if I send her a photo?

Emily loves nothing more than to share the wonder of the natural world with others! Feel free to send her a Tweet or tag her in your photo on Instagram and she may get back to you. Otherwise, here are some fun resources and apps to support you in your identification pursuits: